Liberal Sean Casey Wins Victory for Vets

Ted Hsu
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My seatmate and new Liberal MP Sean Casey of Charlottetown won a small victory for veterans today by passing a motion to have the veterans committee focus on the impact of cuts on services to veterans. Normally the Conservatives automatically vote down anything proposed by a Liberal MP, but Sean caught them asleep at the wheel and late to the committee meeting. Here is his motion:

That the Committee suspends its current study on “commemorating veterans” and commence hearings into the impact of the recent decision by the Conservative government to cut over 200 million dollars from the Veteran Affairs department, and that the Committee specifically assess the impact these cuts will have on programs and services to our veterans and the impact these cuts will have on staff and, that the Committee report back its findings to the House.

Way to go Sean! This just goes to show that it’s worth fighting every step of the way. Those Conservatives will be a little less cocky about their majority this evening!

Here is reporter Kady O’Malley’s commentary