Petition your government!

Ted Hsu
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Create and circulate a petition that your MP will table and speak to in the House of Commons. Your statement goes on the official record, receives a response from the Government, and you get to explain your issue as you collect signatures in the community.

Here is how to do it:

        1. Go to this web page for detailed instructions on how to write a petition, including examples to follow. They are very strict on the format and wording of the petition, so please follow the instructions carefully. If you like, please bring your draft petition to my office and my staff will check it for you before you start collecting signatures.
        2. Collect at least 25 signatures from residents of Canada. You do not have to be of voting age to sign a petition to your government! Consider doing it the hard way by approaching people who don’t know about the topic of your petition. That way you get a chance to explain your point of view and maybe win a new supporter. This can be an important benefit of petitions.
        3. Send the signed petition to my office. You can hand deliver it, or mail it. Remember, you do not need to affix postage if you are sending correspondence to your MP.
        4. My office will send the petitions to the Clerk of the House of Commons where they will check and approve the petition and return it to me.
        5. I give a short speech in the House, explaining the petition, and officially table it in the House. If a petition comes from my constituents, I will table it even if I do not agree with it. The video record and written record will be available the next day for you to see and re-post online if you like. Some groups use the video record and post it on Youtube to provide more publicity for the subject of their petition.
        6. Someone in a minister’s office or House of Commons committee will see your petition and traditionally gives a written response to it.

 Good Luck!

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