What will the majority government do to Old Age Security?

Picture of Ted HsuToday in the House we are debating an Opposition Day motion on protecting Old Age Security and reducing poverty amongst seniors.

There are two issues that I want to mention today.

First of all, it’s trust. Mr. Harper made an election promise to not cut senior’s pension benefits. Now he has been talking about raising the retirement age or other unspecified actions to “make Old Age Security more sustainable.” What will the Harper government do to Old Age Security? It’s not clear, but it needs to be made clear to Canadians.

My second point is about priorities. We hear about spending more on prisons to fight a decreasing crime rate, or paying too much for CF-18 jet replacements because we won’t run a competition. If it bothers you that the majority government can spend money on those and not protect Old Age Security, then you’ll agree that the Harper’s government’s priorities are wrong.

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