Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal Nominees

Ted Hsu
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Full videos and biographies of the nominees are available here.

I am pleased to announce the names of 30 residents of Kingston and the Islands who will receive the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. The nominees have been affirmed by His Excellency David Johnston, Governor General of Canada.I wish to thank the committee of volunteer community leaders that I appointed. They met in confidence to review all submitted nominations, and reported to me the names of 30 recommended nominees, which were then sent to the Governor General for final approval.The committee reviewed a large number of nominations for persons whose activities contributed enormously to the quality of life in Kingston and the Islands. Nominees were drawn from every walk of life; their deeds reflected their passion for improving conditions, making visible the neglected, and attending to their neighbours.

The committee made difficult choices from among these outstanding citizens. Although the nominations and their deliberations were confidential, the committee members congratulate all the nominees and the nominators, whose outstanding nominating papers highlighted extraordinary careers in the voluntary sector.

The names of the 30 Jubilee Medal recipients are:

Shirley Abramsky
Carol Allison-Burra
Carynne Arnold
Bernard Aucoin
James Douglas Brown
Florence Campbell
Glenda Cartwright
Laurel Claus-Johnson
Susan Creasy
Linda Ann Daly
James Marc Gallant
Ed Grenda
P. Geoffrey Hodgetts
Victoria Huehn
William George Huntley
Sipho Ibeakanma
Pauline Lally
James Low
Gillian Moss
Francis Norman
Brian Osborne
Beth Pater
Venicio Rebelo
William Richard
Anne Robertson
Beth Pierce Robinson
Regina Rosen
George Sutherland
Bhavana Varma
Ian Wilson