Reaction to Gary Goodyear's response to Death of Evidence Rally

Ted Hsu
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Minutes after the Death of Evidence Rally on Parliament Hill, Minister of State for Science and Technology, Gary Goodyear, put out a press release about government funding for research and development. I’ve responded with a letter to the editor in the Kingston Whig Standard.



Letter to the Editor, Kingston Whig-Standard, July 18,  2012

Dear Editor,

On July 10 when I went back up to Ottawa to speak to scientists (“Hsu breaks silence on funding cuts”, Whig-Standard, July 12), my counterpart in Ottawa, Minister of State for Science and Technology Gary Goodyear, put out a government press release touting government spending on research and development and innovation, in response to an unprecedented protest, organized by those scientists, on Parliament Hill that same day.

The scientists were protesting the fact that the current government chooses to ignore evidence in its policy-making, chooses to cut off funding to research that provides evidence, and prevents government scientists from presenting evidence to the public.

Minister Goodyear’s press release is irrelevant. He’s not addressing what the protest was about. It’s a repeat of a tactic he has used in Question Period time and again.

In fact, it should not even be his responsibility to respond to the protest!

The Minister of Fisheries and Oceans should say why he doesn’t want the information that comes out of the Experimental Lakes Area (whose modest funding is being eliminated) that we have used for 40 years to protect us from poisons in the environment.

The Minister of Justice should explain why he ignores all the research on the uselessness of mandatory minimum sentences, and thereby risks the safety of our families while wasting our tax dollars.

The Minister of Health should explain why she doesn’t want to investigate the root causes of generic drugs shortages that threaten the supply drugs we need when we get sick.

The Minister of Environment needs to explain why many scientists will no longer be monitoring and reporting to us about the environment that our children and grandchildren will have to live in.

The Minister of Industry needs to explain why the government doesn’t want to have a clear picture and understanding of the circumstances of that Canadians face in their daily lives that would have been provided by the mandatory long form census.

It doesn’t matter how much gas you put into a car, if you decide to drive at night with the headlights off, it’s a dumb decision and you’re putting your family in danger.

I’d say the driver is at fault. Prime Minister Harper, you must respond!