What happened today on social media regarding M-312?

Ted Hsu
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Picture of Ted HsuI learned today what the online community can do with one tweet!

At 3:28 pm, I tabled a petition in the House of Commons, following my policy of presenting every petition from my constituents regardless of my own position on the issue. The petition was from people in Kingston in support of motion M-312.

You can see or hear the record here http://parlvu.parl.gc.ca/ParlVu/ContentEntityDetailView.aspx?ContentEntityId=9292 by playing the record and advancing the counter to just before 3:28 pm.

at 3:33 pm, Jamie Masse, who works at NDP headquarters in Ottawa, and who was the campaign manager for the Kingston and the Islands NDP in the most recent federal and provincial election, tweeted the following:

Screen capture of tweet that started it all

by about 4:15 pm, the response to this tweet had spread to twitter and facebook and had been noticed by my staff,

After evaluating what had happened, I responded myself starting at around 4:50 pm.

by 5:30 pm calls had come into my constituency office and I had given an interview to the Whig Standard. I am told that I’m “catching heavy flak in the women’s community” tonight.

Jamie, I know you and your co-workers at NDP headquarters would really like me to lose the next election. That’s fair enough. But there are better ways to try to achieve your goal.


Here is my position on M-312 which has been on my website since May, and is the response I give to everybody regardless of what their point of view is:


And here is how I responded to the tweets and facebook posts:

 My job as MP representing Kingston and the Islands includes presenting every petition to the House that comes from my constituents, and my policy is to present every petition independent of my position on it.

This policy has also been on my website for a long time:

http://www.tedhsu.ca/services/petitions.html , which contains the following:

(Please note: petitions do not necessarily need reflect the views of the Member of Parliament who tables them. My policy is to present all petitions from my constituents.)

I want as many as possible to engage with and be heard by their government.