Two more strong statements I'll stand by

Ted Hsu
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This past week I made two strong statements that I’ll stand by. You can watch them here:

One was in response to the war of words on parliament hill this week which started as soon as we got back to the House. As you might know, “carbon tax” is now a dirty word in Canadian politics after the Conservatives and NDP campaigned in 2008 against the Liberal Party’s Green Shift and the Green Party’s Green Tax Shift. This week Conservatives repeatedly attacked the NDP for proposing a carbon tax, and the NDP denied that by stating that they supported a cap and trade system for controlling greenhouse gas emissions. In reality, the carbon tax (which British Columbia has) and a cap and trade system (which Alberta has) are two different ways of putting a price on carbon emissions (a.k.a. greenhouse gas emissions). Greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting global warming ultimately have the potential to end civilization as we know it.

I said, “A price on carbon is the best tool that a free-market democracy has to fight climate change. And that’s why Alberta, Alberta has a price on carbon. To destroy that tool with lies is evil. Evil. I thought about using that word and I said [to myself] I’m going to use that word because it’s the truth.”

The second concerned the removal of the Canadian flag from the Quebec legislature by the Parti Quebecois. The responses this week from Mr. Harper and Mr. Mulcair downplayed the importance of this issue. But I think they are mistaken.

I said, “I think that the flag should be in the legislature. If you stand by and let people take the Canada out of Quebec, you are helping people take Quebec out of Canada”


addition (Sept. 22, 2012) — I was happy to see this column from Warren Kinsella: