Idle No More

Ted Hsu

Aboriginal Canadians do not share fully in Canada’s prosperity. That is clear from the poverty and powerlessness that has been there for us to see, and the broken promises we know from our history.

But what is the source of this frustration that has sparked a sustained nationwide protest right now? It is that, after a promising Crown-First Nations meeting a year ago, there has been little progress and the Conservative government refuses to admit it. It is because in the omnibus Bills C-45 and C-38, substantial changes to the regulations for stewardship of the earth — protection of navigable waters and First Nations land — have been made without consulting the affected Aboriginal peoples. It is because this government has not made progress on helping to establish autonomous, self-governing, sustainable aboriginal nations and on respecting the treaties that the Crown has signed with them.

I salute the strong women who have been leading Idle No More, both locally and nationally. You will need to continue to work at bringing and explaining your message to those who have not heard or do not understand your point of view. Frankly, and unfortunately, the plight of Aboriginal Canadians is not top-of-mind for other Canadians. Until it is, it will be easy for the government to continue down the sorry path it has been taking.


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