What if you are not satisfied with the answer you got in Question Period?

I am often asked, “Are you frustrated by the non-answers you sometimes get in Question Period?”

Well, it turns out that there is actually a time, 30 minutes each day, when MPs can quiz the government for a longer period as a followup to an Oral Question asked in Question Period.

This 30 minute time period occurs at the end of each day, following a motion to adjourn, and before everybody leaves and lights are turned off. It is called, appropriately, “The Late Show”.

The MP gets to speak for 4 minutes, followed by a 4 minute response (usually by a parliamentary secretary who has been assigned to The Late Show), a 1 minute followup and a final 1 minute reponse.


Here is an example of an Oral Question that triggered a Late Show session:

And here is the Late Show:

Of course, if we’re still not getting answers after all of that, well, the people have to talk about how they are going to vote next time and demand answers!


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