Science Rendezvous Contest Winner!

Ted Hsu
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Science Rendezvous Volunteers

Thanks to all the volunteers who staffed my table, helping all the kids who came to try out our experiments, and inviting people to try out our quizzes and enter our contest

Science Rendezvous

On Saturday, May 11th Kingston joined thirty other Canadian cities by holding a Science Rendezvous event at the K-Rock Centre. Science Rendezvous is an event to connect the public with science in the laboratory and everywhere else. The showcase is aimed at all ages and includes exciting experiments, demonstrations and hands-on-activities.

The Contest

I hosted a table at the event with experiments and other activities including a contest where people were asked to guess the number of statements in the House of Commons from 1994-2012 used the word “science”. The answer is 13967 and the winner was Ella – with the help of her dad Jared  – who came closest with a guess of 14,221. Congratulations Ella!

Ella and her dad win a lunch for two on Parliament Hill along with seats at Question Period and a tour of the Parliament buildings.

How did we know the answer? Well we used the website. offers a complete search-able history of everything that has been said in the House of Commons and records of past votes. Try it out!


You might be interested to know that we had a wide range of guesses:

15 people guessed between 1-99

20 people guessed between 100 -999

25 people guessed between 1000-9 999

9 people guessed between 10 000- 99 999

12 people guessed between 100 000 – 999 999

9 people guessed 1 million+


Science Rendezvous was a great event to meet some curious young minds and, hopefully, some future scientists!

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