My Response: Free the CBC of Political Interference

Ted Hsu
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Over the past few weeks, hundreds of constituents have written me emails and signed online petitions to show their support for the CBC. Here is what I have been saying to them about Bill C-60 and the need to keep the CBC free from political interference:

“Good afternoon,

Thank you for showing your support for the CBC and demanding that the CBC remains free from political interference.

I share your concern about the impact Bill C-60 may have on the editorial independence and journalistic freedom of our national broadcaster. The ability of the CBC/Radio-Canada to fulfill its mandate to provide high-quality programming, including informative news and reporting, depends on unqualified programming independence. This is precisely why the CBC/Radio-Canada was established as Crown Corporation – to ensure a clear, yet accountable separation of the CBC/Radio-Canada’s programming and operations from political interference.

However, Bill C-60 seems aimed at undermining the arms-length relationship with government that the CBC/Radio-Canada depends on. For example, the Bill provides for more direct Cabinet control over collective agreements and bargaining across all Crown Corporations, which carries the potential to politicize the relationship between the government and CBC/Radio Canada.

I will work with my Liberal Party colleagues to ensure that the CBC/Radio-Canada remains free of political meddling, and that our national broadcaster has the funding it needs to provide high-quality services that Canadians from expect and treasure. That is why I will oppose this bill, and any similar attempts to interfere or de-fund the CBC/Radio-Canada.

Thank you again for writing,

Ted Hsu, MP”

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