My MP said what about science?

Ted Hsu
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sciece rend illusI recently hosted a table at Science Rendezvous in Kingston, an event you can read more about here. One of the activities at my table was a matching game in which participants had to match quotes about science to the MP who said it. Below are the quotes and MPs that they had to match up.


1. “We use science to make our policy decisions. This is how we make foreign policy decisions and decisions here at home.”
2. “I was a bit of a science geek”
3. “Any decisions or piece of legislation needs to be based on facts and science.”
4. “We must fight for a government that understands that scientific research is fundamental to meeting Canada’s needs, that will restore science to its rightful place, that will back promises with action and money, and will protect scientific findings from being altered, distorted or supressed.”
5. “I am very disturbed by the government’s focus on moving away from basic and fundamental science, which of course has to be balanced with applied science.”
6. “Mr. Speaker, science is non-partisan”
7. “If we look very closely at nature, we find that there is always a lot more going on than we think. Science will surprise us, but after we have worked in research, we get used to that. It is why it is always possible to keep discovering new and important things.


A. Ted Hsu, Liberal, former Science and Technology critic, MP for Kingston and the Islands, Ontario
B. Marc Garneau, Liberal, Natural Resources critic, MP for Westmount-Ville Marie, Quebec
C. Kirsty Duncan, Liberal, Environment critic, MP for Etobicoke North, Ontario
D. Michelle Rempel, Conservative, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment, MP for Calgary Centre-North, Alberta
E. Jonathan Tremblay, NDP, MP for Montmorency-Charlevoix-Haute Cote Nord, Quebec
F. Matthew Ravignat, NDP, Treasury Board critic, MP for Pontiac, Quebec
G. Gary Goodyear, Conservative, Minister of State for Science and Technology, MP for Cambridge, Ontario


1 – G, 2 – D, 3 – F, 4 – C, 5 – B, 6 – E, 7 – A