Protecting Universities and Hospitals from Downloaded Funding Cuts to CANARIE

Ted Hsu
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When Minister of State for Science and Technology Gary Goodyear came to answer questions at the Industry Science and Technology Committee, I was able to get him to commit to avoid downloading, to universities and hospitals, of Conservative cutbacks to the Internet backbone CANARIE. This is something that local institutions in Kingston and the Islands told me was a distinct possibility, and wanted to avoid.


Ted Hsu: I want to start by talking about CANARIE, the high-speed Internet backbone that is very important for researchers across the country. There’s a line on page 91 of the supplementary estimates for CANARIE. As you know, Minister, the funding for CANARIE has gone down a bit this year compared to previous years.

I want to read a press release from CANARIE from Aug. 8, 2012. They say . . . “In confirming the $22 million in funding for the third year of the mandate, the Government also reaffirmed a requirement for CANARIE to explore and implement cost-sharing strategies with its user community.”

. . . Further on in the press release they talk about CANARIE’s user community. Among those in the user community, we have universities, colleges, and hospitals.

[the worry is that CANARIE would try to share costs with universities and hospitals, which is equivalent to downloading the Conservative funding cuts to other levels of government]

My question for you, Minister, is whether you will tap CANARIE on the shoulder and say, “Please don’t download my government’s budget cuts onto universities, colleges, and hospitals.” ?

Gary Goodyear [after some remarks and an exchange of words]: We will indeed.


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