Harper government to MPs: first pass the law, then we’ll tell you what it means

“I am waiting for this legislation to pass and then details will come forward”

Treasury Board President, MP Tony Clement, to the CBC

I am privileged to represent the people of Kingston and the Islands in the House of Commons. I like my job, and I want to be able to do my job. That’s why I was so disappointed to hear the President of the Treasury Board, Conservative MP Tony Clement, refuse to explain part of the omnibus budget implementation bill that we are now debating.


Upon being asked to interpret significant changes to federal labour laws and procedures contained in the omnibus bill, Minister Clement said, “Well, first of all, this bill has to be passed. So to engage in speculation when a bill is still before Parliament, I don’t think is appropriate.”

But I can’t do my job and evaluate and vote on legislation without knowing what the legislation will do. The Conservative government is disrespecting the role of elected Members of Parliament by limiting debate (yet again), putting unrelated legislation into one omnibus bill, and leaving out important details that MPs need to do their job.

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