Statement of MP Ted Hsu on the Retirement of the Hon. John Gerretsen, MPP for Kingston and the Islands

John Gerretsen

I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to the Honourable John Gerretsen for his dedicated service, stretching over four decades, to the people of Kingston and the Islands and to the people of Ontario as an elected representative.

There are three things that most inspire me about John.


First, his deep knowledge of the community — from the people, streets and buildings — to the historical context of any local issue. He is able to find a connection to almost anyone he meets.

Second, John’s profound sense of the purpose of government — what it is for, what it can or should do, and who needs its help the most.

And lastly, John told you how he saw things and what he believed was right. He wasn’t afraid to admit that he was wrong on some issue, or to speak up when he thought his government had made a mistake.


I wish John all the best as he serves the remainder of his term of office. I know that even long after that, he will continue to be an asset to our community and a resource for its leaders. Fortunately, there will also be time for a well-deserved rest, and a look back at a job well done.


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