The Harper/Senate Ethics Scandal

Ted Hsu
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A lot of people have been asking me about the Harper/Senate ethics scandal. I certainly agree that has hurt the trust that Canadians need to have in their federal government and indeed in all politicians. Members of the Prime Minister’s Office and Senators are being investigated by the RCMP and criminal charges will be laid according to the evidence that the RCMP is able to uncover.

TH in HouseHowever, I do believe that the three Senators who are being threatened with expulsion, just like anybody who is charged with a crime, should be entitled to due process. That’s a cornerstone of law, going all the way back to the Magna Carta in the year 1215.

I understand why many people feel that Senators who have abused their privileges, should be removed immediately. but I believe there are even bigger issues at hand. The explanations we have been receiving from Mr. Harper have changed over time. So even if you are one of those who wants the immediate removal of Senators Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau, wouldn’t you like a proper process to find out exactly what part of this affair the Senators are responsible for, and what is the responsibility of Mr. Harper, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Conservative Party?

Due process means a better chance for the truth to come out. Liberals pushed for more transparency by introducing a motion in the Senate that would air this critical issue in a public committee hearing.

While this scandal has gripped the media, I want you to know that other important work continues. The Liberal Party has only a few “designated hitters” who are working on the Harper/Senate ethics scandal. That’s because the rest of us are needed to work on health care, housing, employment and economic issues and all the other things we need to really be working on. You elected me to represent Kingston and the Islands in Ottawa, and I’m focused on doing just that.