Government "responds" to my FATCA question

canadian-american-flagOpposition MPs have to ask the government lots of questions: it’s a key part of holding the government to account. MPs are able to ask the government written questions, called Order Paper Questions, and the government has to respond in 45 days. In October, I asked an Order Paper Question about FATCA, and yesterday I received a response.

You can see the response to my Order Paper Question on FATCA. It is a long response (226 pages in both official languages), but it’s surprising how few answers there are to a 55 part question! For instance, on page 75 I asked the Minister of Finance to provide a list of specific individuals and groups he had consulted with regarding FATCA and the response was simply that “The Government of Canada has consulted and has been contacted by individuals and groups to discuss the implications of FATCA and an IGA in Canada.” I also asked which studies and analyses the Department of Finance had undertaken with respect to FATCA, and was told that “The Department of Finance is reviewing the implications of FATCA on an ongoing basis. FATCA has raised a number of concerns in Canada- among both dual Canada-U.S. citizens and Canadian financial institutions.”

We all deserve better answers from the government.

I know there is a lot of expertise out there to help analyse and pick through this response. So I invite you to do so on my facebook, and please let me know what you find.

Thank you!


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