Can we make better use of the KP site by allowing tourists to visit?

_DSC5080Back in April I wrote Minister Stephen Blaney about the missed opportunity to re-open the Kingston Penitentiary site for tourism. It has been several months without a reply now and I thought we should publicly remind the minister that many residents and businesses are wondering what his answer will be to my special appeal.

So I sent in a copy of my letter to the Whig Standard, and thanks to them they published it. Click here to see it.

Because this issue is of such interest to the community, the Whig assigned Ian MacAlpine to check the story. To read it click here.

So if anybody from Minister Blaney’s office is reading this – look, we can make this a win-win situation for everybody. No need for your government to be the bad guys here. What can you do to allow some more of these enormously successful tours, and eventually reserve a small part of the KP site as a permanent tourist attraction and memorial to the many generations of Corrections employees?

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