Checking if there are enough staff helping soldiers with mental health injuries

flagWhen a Canadian Forces member suffers serious illness or injuries, they are posted to a unit called the Joint Personnel Support Unit and assigned to be at an Integrated Personnel Support Centre (IPSC) in order to be treated, receive support, and work towards a transition back to regular duties, or to civilian life. This includes combat veterans who are suffering from ailments such as PTSD. There is one IPSC located at CFB Kingston.

Earlier this year I was told by constituents that some mental health positions at the CFB Kingston IPSC might have been unfilled. I decided to find out the facts by making an Access to Information request. Unfortunately the DND did not find any records relevant to my request (see below).

Now we hear from Murray Brewster of the Canadian Press that 10% of mental health jobs in the military remain unfilled. You can read about it at these links: (this is a shorter summary) (this has more detail)

Although many of these unfilled jobs may have been outside the IPSCs, I am not sure why the DND said that no records could be located. Since Veteran Affairs Canada and DND collaborate on the IPSCs, perhaps the record keeping resides at VAC.




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