Business community knows we need a mandatory long-form census

Last weekend, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce held their Annual General Meeting. At the meeting Chambers from across the country passed a series of policy resolutions, including one calling on the government to reinstate the mandatory long-form census.


The Canadian Chamber of Commerce called on the government to reinstate the long-form census for a variety of reasons. They noted that many groups, including businesses, provinces and municipalities, economists, urban and community researchers, policy analysts and scholars all rely on accurate, comparable, longitudinal data from the census. Without it, they explain that it is “impossible to track changes in educational attainment, labour force participation, type of employment, income (by source)” and more.

The preamble to the resolution went on to say:

“When we are still climbing out of a recession and relying heavily on immigration for population and labour force growth, we cannot afford to jeopardize our ability to gather high quality, accurately representative data on a range of social and economic indicators that measure adaptation by immigrant groups.”

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is Canada’s largest business association. Their members know that the cancellation of the mandatory long-form census will continue to have serious implications for the Canadian economy. Their concerns are one of the reasons that I’ve put forward Bill C-626, which reinstates the long-form census and expands the authority of the Chief Statistician.

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