We asked and the Ministry answered: Kingston’s Service Canada now offers Passport Services

Ted Hsu
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My staff and I have always been very happy to assist constituents in obtaining their Canadian passports. In 2014, we sent approximately 7000 applications to Passport Canada. In one record-breaking shipment, we sent over 180!

At the end of 2013, due to a significant increase in constituency casework with other federal departments, we made a tough decision. While we continued to send applications through the office to save you postage, we were no longer able to dedicate our staff resources for reviews. Yet, we recognized that this was a valuable and much-needed service for our constituents. First, we asked for a Passport Canada office. Unfortunately, the data analysis and review did not support our request. Next, we asked for our Service Canada centre in Kingston to offer Passport Services. Please read my letter to Minister Jason Kenney here: Letter to Minister Jason Kenney.

I am very pleased to announce that the Ministry has granted this request. Service Canada in the Frontenac Mall will now offer passport services effective February 2nd, 2015. Something to think about: this new passport service will be able to validate applicants’ pieces of identification so that they do not have to mail them in. For a complete description of what the Service Canada Centre can do, please visit Passport Canada’s website:  http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/goc/passport.shtml

While we are happy to continue handling passport applications through the constituency office, you now have a choice! I encourage you to use the Passport Services at Service Canada should you require a formal review of your application, prefer to have your identification validated on the spot, or simply if the location is more convenient for you.

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