Mulcair attack on Trudeau brings into sharp focus the philosophical divide between NDP and Liberals

A speech by NDP leader Thomas Mulcair with the following quote made the headlines recently: “The problem is, Justin Trudeau will never know what middle-class means. He just doesn’t understand the real challenges that families are facing. Never has. Never … Continue reading

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Infrastructure funding falling into an abyss

Next week, on April 1, the 2014 Building Canada Fund will expire. The Harper Conservatives had the opportunity to put forward a plan for long-term, stable funding for municipal infrastructure. This is especially important because infrastructure projects require multi-year planning and substantial funding. … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary, #ygk

I use twitter a lot. I’ve found that it’s a great way to communicate with constituents from Ottawa, and it’s really helpful for sparking important discussions with constituents. That said, sometimes twitter can be a bit overwhelming: I follow over … Continue reading

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Is the government silencing debate?

Today is a very confusing day in the House. There are a lot of procedural shenanigans taking place, and I think it’s important to explain them because they show the way the House works (or, sometimes, doesn’t work!). Committees in … Continue reading

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My Bill C-578: Completed apprenticeships are crucial for a skilled workforce

Yesterday I introduced my new bill, Bill C-578, An Act to amend the Employment Insurance Act (removal of waiting period for apprentices). The intention behind the bill is simple: I want to make it easier for apprentices to finish their … Continue reading

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I am going to go without refined sugar in March

The World Health Organization has just published a draft guideline with the suggestion that not more than 5% of one’s calories come from sugars, as compared to the more conservative “recommendation” that not more then 10% of calories come from … Continue reading

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Cultivating the Economic Benefits from Canadian Discovery Research

The success of GreenCentre as a Centre of Excellence for the Commercialization of Research (CECR) in cultivating the economic benefits of discovery research in green chemistry from Canadian post-secondary institutions, as well as entrepreneurs, should be built upon and generalized … Continue reading

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Supporting a Principle: Why I voted against Bill C-504, the Support for Volunteer Firefighters Act

Let me begin by saluting the hard work and sacrifices which are made by the volunteer firefighters who protect residents in Kingston and the Islands. Their service and contribution to our community is well appreciated by all. Bill C-504, a … Continue reading

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Environmental Charities Threatened by Government

The Harper government is again showing that it will let nothing — including Canada’s democratic traditions — stand in the way of its headlong pursuit of an economy based on fossil fuel extraction with little regard for sustainability. Some of … Continue reading

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“Fair” Elections Act?

I was supposed to give a speech about Bill C-23 in the House of Commons. Unfortunately, the Conservative government put a four day time limit on debate, called “time allocation”. Then the NDP compounded the problem by putting forward a … Continue reading

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