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Worried about Canada’s economic future depending on a PR campaign

Canada is spending $40 million this year on advertising to portray Canada as a “stable and environmentally responsible source of energy”. Canada is regularly labelled as a world laggard in action on climate change and recently won a “Lifetime Unachievement … Continue reading

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Statement contributed to Defend Our Climate rally on November 16, 2013

Climate change is a serious threat to civilization.  But the wealth derived from fossil fuels has given our civilization the tools to address climate change, from scientific knowledge and technology to institutions of governance and commerce. What is lacking is … Continue reading

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Standing up for Science and Academic Freedoms

Last week, I was honoured to speak at the Stand Up for Science rally in Kingston, as well as to debate the subject of freedom of speech for government scientists with my Parliamentary colleagues on Power and Politics. I am … Continue reading

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Why Liberals and Greens voted against the NDP climate change motion

On April 29, 2013, we voted on the following NDP opposition day motion which was debated the previous Thursday: Ms. Leslie (Halifax) — That this House: (a) agree with many Canadians and the International Energy Agency that there is grave … Continue reading

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Local Town Hall: Action on Climate Change

Noted Queen’s University climate scientist Professor John Smol, Former Environment Minister Stéphane Dion, and MP Ted Hsu were panelists at the public town hall meeting: Action on Climate Change, Saturday Apirl 14. Over 250 people filled Memorial Hall inside City … Continue reading

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